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Vic Pool Inspections

Pool & Spa Inspections & Certifications

Our pool inspections ensure compliance with the mandatory pool barrier inspection requirements for all existing swimming pools and spas in Victoria. We provide a compliance certificate on the day if your pool or spa barrier meets Victoria’s regulations on pool fencing.

According to Victorian regulations, a pool must be safe and have restricted access at all times, not just during certain times of the day. The only way to ensure a pool is safe 24/7 is by having permanent pool fencing installed.

While every state in Australia has its own set of regulations, the basic principles remain the same. Pool fencing regulations in Victoria are based on these same safety principles and apply to all towns and cities in the state, including Melbourne.

Vic Pool Inspections

How It Works?

Step 1

Your pool and/or spa should be registered with your local council.​If you are not registered, please contact your local council.

Step 2

Obtain your council registration confirmation letter.

Step 3

Have your pool or spa barrier inspected and certified by a registered pool & spa barrier inspector

Step 4

Lodge your Certificate of pool and\or spa barrier compliance (Form23) with your council

Step 5

Your registered pool inspector will contact you to re-inspect your pool and/or spa barrier in four years

Vic Pool Inspections

We Work With

Pool Safe Inspections is Victoria’s number one pool inspection company. We are qualified to carry out pool inspections all over Victoria for all existing and new pool fencing associated with:

Home Owners


Body Corps

Pool Inspections Glen Waverley

Pool owners in Glen Waverley can ensure their pool or spa meets safety standards and regulations with the reliable inspection services provided by Vic Pool Inspections. With more than 10 years of experience as building inspectors registered with the Victorian Building Authority, their team can offer the best pool inspections in Glen Waverley.

It is a legal requirement for pool owners to have safe and restricted access to their pool environment at all times. Vic Pool Inspections can inspect installed pool barriers and fencing to ensure compliance with current safety standards and regulations. If the fencing meets the standards, they can immediately issue a certificate confirming its compliance.

While there may be other “pool safety inspectors near me” for Glen Waverley residents, Vic Pool Inspections offers a prompt and personalised service for complete peace of mind. To learn more about their modern inspections, contact us at 0402 113 011.

Vic Pool Testimonials

Anthoula Kozaris

Professional and great to deal with. John stepped me through the whole process and provided detail advise! Highly recommended.

Sofia Semken

John was great. Was very prompt and efficient. He was very professional and told us exactly what needed to be done

Vineet Kumar

John did a wonderful job. He’s very hard working and reliable guy. Was able to accurately assess our needs and discuss pros and cons of multiple options, facilitating our decision making. I’m highly impressed with the manner he completed the job, with passion and a sense of responsibility and commitment.

Luke Toomey

Vic Pool Inspections were highly professional, courteous, and easy to work with throughout the whole process of getting my family pool barrier certificate. John was punctual and advised me of my obligations and clearly outlined what needed to be amended to obtain my compliance certificate and make my pool safe for children. The whole process was easy, and I would highly recommend this company.

Self-Assessment Checklists

No amount of self-assessment can replace a professional pool and spa barrier inspection. But if you want to know where your pool or spa currently stands and what improvements you need to make, you can check the checklists below to get you started.

For pools and
spas installed before 8 April 1991​

For pools and spas installed between 8 April 1991 and 30 April 2010

For pools and
spas installed from
1 May 2010

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